Mobile Device Policy at Caldicott

6th Form (after CE)

6th Form boarders are allowed electronic devices after CE exams in the summer term provided they adhere to the following criteria:

  • No device capable of connecting to a telephone or 3G/4G network (even if no SIM card is present) – only WiFi
  • Screen should be no bigger than 10.1 inches
  • Not a laptop
  • No Smart watches

Approved Devices:

  • Apple iPad/iPod (any generation, including Mini) – WiFi only versions
  • Android-based devices
  • Kindle (all non-3G/4G versions) and Fire – although older versions may not be able to connect to our WiFi

If there is a device that fits the criteria and you believe it should be on the list, please e-mail Mr Brown ([email protected]) to check before purchasing or bringing it into school. If a non-permitted device is brought into school it will be confiscated and kept in the School Office for collection by the parent/guardian.

5th Form (and 6th Form before CE)

Boarders may only bring in devices from the following list. We do not allow devices that have cameras and Smart Watches are not permitted.

Approved Devices:

  • Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite (non-3G versions). Kindle Fire is not permitted.
  • iPod Touch (as long as no apps or films are on the device)
  • iPod Shuffles/Nanos
  • Older iPods/MP3 players that do not have internet access
  • No tablets

4th Form and younger

Pupils may not bring in their own devices and Smart Watches are not permitted.

Use of the devices

The use of these devices and the content that is allowed on them is outlined in the Terms and conditions of use of technology at Caldicott.