Physical Education

Physical Education at Caldicott teaches boys the fundamentals of sound sporting techniques, body management, health and fitness issues, teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Lessons are currently taught to all boys from the 1st Form to the 6th Form. Through a range of physical activities, boys develop improved skill levels, self-esteem, interdependence and knowledge of health matters. Promoting an awareness of how strength, speed, flexibility and stamina affects performance and underpins many of the activities studied. Boys are also expected to be able to evaluate their own and others' performances in order to enhance their understanding of the sport.

From the beginning of their Caldicott career, boys are taught the key skills involved in a variety of team sports such as football, hockey, basketball and rugby. They learn to apply these to match situations, developing their spatial awareness and team strategies in the process. Gymnastics is also a key topic focused on in the Spring Term, with an emphasis on balance, strength and flexibility. In the Summer Term they are introduced to the techniques required for several track and field disciplines as well as swimming strokes. As boys progress through the school they learn to build on their achievements from the previous year and are encouraged to strive towards reaching higher standards in all that we cover in PE lessons.

All boys are expected to do their very best regardless of natural ability and are encouraged to work hard to master new skills. They work at a level of difficulty that is relevant to them in order for them to achieve and be successful. Through this, they will develop physical confidence, recognition and a positive attitude towards healthy living and exercise.


Matt Hutchings - Director of Sport