Old Caldicotians

Since the days when nine-year-old Tom Brown set off by stagecoach to be prepared for entry to Rugby, thousands of boys have attended prep school. In that time boys were equipped for public school, for gentlemanly life, for military and public service and so forth. Whether the reflections evoke nostalgic stories of mucking around in dorms, memorising Shakespeare, mimicking schoolmasters, golden afternoons on the cricket field or otherwise, as an Old Caldicotian we want to reach out to you.

As an ‘OC’ you are part of a rich and varied global community and we hope that through our invigorated approach to alumni relations you will reconnect and keep in touch.

Today, Caldicott is known as the school where boys fulfill their academic potential and are all-rounders with the charisma and grit to succeed. We place each individual boy at the centre of our day and boarding experience and believe happiness is key to fulfilling potential. We also strive to keep Caldicott at the forefront of best practice in order to be a leading light in education. Our founder, J. Heald Jenkins, believed decency, tolerance and humanity would enable each boy to ‘shine their light on the world’. Today, his vision remains relevant and a source of inspiration.


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