Anti-Bullying Week

19 November 2021


It is anti-bullying week, and all week our boys have been gaining a better awareness of what bullying is, how to prevent it, and what to do if you witness behaviour associated with bullying. To symbolise the theme of anti-bullying week this year, ‘One Kind Word’, our boys have been adding their own kind words onto our ‘big’ kind word, ‘CALDICOTT’, which can be found in the courtyard at the centre of school. They’ve taken turns adding ‘kind’ and ‘anti-bullying’ words onto the display, with the 1st Formers completing the exhibit today.

Mr Harper, our Head of PSHEE, spoke to the school in assembly about what this week means, and that it is not a standalone week – we must be fighting for anti-bullying every week! He went on to say that it is human nature for us to not all get along, and while we might have differences of opinion, that is ok. The important thing to remember is to not be unkind; tolerance is hugely important, as is showing respect and patience, it can also give us a greater understanding of the world we live in.

Over the next few weeks of the Autumn Term, Caldicott boys are going to be continuing to work with the anti-bullying theme, reading books on the topic. The lessons we can extract from these stories will be discussed in PSHE lessons.

Compassion is one of our core values for a reason, and that starts with being tolerant and respectful to everyone around you.


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