Headmaster's Blog | Friday 12 November 2021

12 November 2021


Thank you all so much for making Bonfire Night such a memorable occasion. For the community to come together in this way after such a long time was truly very special. With wider family members in attendance too, including the majority of my family, I was reminded how important it is that we all continue to commit to achieving one particular priority we shared earlier this term: ‘the community connects’. Huge thanks to Karen Kumar and the Friends of Caldicott Committee for organising such a great occasion.

We also spoke about being ‘competitive, but kind’ and have ‘high expectations for all’, so with a raft of opportunities this term and with more scheduled to come, we are delighted to continue ploughing our furrow neatly between action to ensure each boy achieves their academic potential alongside an obsessive interest in developing good character in the boys. With our school prefects identified, one way I keep my finger on the pulse of what boys think is to meet with them every Friday morning for a sense check on the school. Currently both the prefects and school leaders feel we are stumbling a little bit with our face covering policy for the older boys and so I’ll be reviewing it before next week. As I said to the boys, if it were June with the summer holidays around the corner we might be holding on as we are, but with December looming we may decide to up the precautions slightly.

Looking ahead, 3rd Form parents will note that Parents’ Evenings are staying online as the majority of parents have said that suits them well. This blends nicely with the 3rd Form Future School meetings which should be all done by Christmas ahead of the Future Schools Event in January.

Those of you with dogs, you may have seen my tweet – our new dog policy is live on our website and we are a dog friendly school. Please read the policy if you intend to bring your dog to Caldicott.

Exeat is looming and this will be the last time that the Monday is the additional day for the Autumn Term as we will switch it to Friday from the Autumn Term 2022. For those who are new, exeat weekend in the Spring and Summer Term are either side of half term and are only Saturday and Sunday.

I very much look forward to welcoming the weekly and full boarders back to Caldicott on Sunday Evening for the Service of Remembrance. Parents are welcome too and this is the only occasion we require these boys to return on Sunday.

Have a good weekend.


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