Headmaster's Blog | Friday 26 November 2021

26 November 2021


What a week in which (as my children might say) we’ve mashed together normal school life, with Grease, with rising COVID concerns in our region, with a visit from the Independent Schools Inspectorate. On the latter, all I’ll confirm for now is that there will be no report for you to read until I’ve fact-checked the moderated script which may not be sent to me until after Christmas. Its been a distraction (I’ve missed my morning temperature check duty!), but the boys have been fabulous and huge thanks for the kind remarks in the questionnaires you completed. As those of you know who work in regulated activity know, these compliance checks are onerous on those involved so I’d like to express my thanks to all employees for their hard work.

Of course the main event this week has been the production of Grease. Wow! I’ve never cried with laughter at a school production before, but it was sensational! I’d like to express my sincere thanks to the team of staff who have worked so hard to make this production possible, with particular thanks to Ma’am Duncan and Mr Evans. I can’t wait for tonight.

COVID in our region is creeping up, so further to my email to you the other day, we’ll be taking a view on how best to proceed between now and the end of term. Having met to hear the views of boys, the mood is to work hard to preserve the headline events of our quintessential prep school Christmas experience.

Have a good weekend.


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