The content on this page relates to events that arise from curriculum music taught on the timetable. Information on instrumental music, concerts and other performances and areas of musical life in the school can be found under Performing Arts.

Boys in Years 3, 4 and 5 have music every week on the timetable.

In Years 3 and 4 work is centred on basic musical concepts such as rhythm and pulse, pitch, organisation and control of simple sounds, simple musical vocabulary, and lots of singing.

In Year 5, boys' work develops to include more complex musical skills, particularly literacy, with a higher level of musical theory being covered along with musical appreciation.

Each year the Lower School presents a Christmas Show in December and takes part in a production at the end of the Summer Term. This may take on a range of formats such as a Cantata or a Musical alongside Year 5 boys. 

In the Department, we have a Music IT Suite which doubles as a classroom that contains 10 Music Technology workstations with computers, keyboards and various composition software packages such as Sibelius and Cubase. These are available for classroom use as well as for more specialist tuition by a visiting music technology company.


James Wild - Director of Performing Arts




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