The Library

Reading Lists


Welcome to the Caldicott Library. We have created a bright, stimulating, purpose-built space. It is an engaging and comfortable environment in which to read, study and socialise and is situated at the very centre of the school.

The Library is open 0800 - 2000 hours every day, even during weekends so that the boarders can enjoy some quiet time in a peaceful space. It is used by the boys in lessons, prep, clubs, as well as for relaxing in their free time.

The Library is split into Junior and Senior sections and houses a fantastic selection of current fiction as well as comic books, graphic novels, quick reads and classics. The non-fiction areas also have a wide selection of books to help boys with their studies as well as lots of popular books about students’ outside interests and hobbies. There is also a good selection of magazines such as All Out Cricketer, Flipside and Rugby world.

The Library also features a study area with a large screen computer which can be used for presentations, meetings or film showings.

A number of events are held in the library every year including Book Fairs and World Book Day when the whole dresses up in their favourite literary character and every classroom ‘decorates their door’. Every summer there is a reading challenge for the boys to attempt during their holidays. Previous years have included 'extreme reading’ and to make a ‘BookFace’.

Along with the Librarian, Anna Elson, the Library also has a team of dedicated library assistants who can issue and return books as well as recommend books to other pupils.