At Caldicott, we believe the ability to use technology safely and effectively is an essential life skill in modern society. As new technologies are continually emerging and developing we aim to give all boys the opportunities needed to prepare them for the future. 


Technologies and skills

We use both Microsoft and Google products to give students access to a range of software accessible in school and at home.

Coding is taught to all year groups, starting in Year 3 using courses, then progressing to a variety of languages including Scratch, Makecode, Mindstorms, Appinventor and Python.

These skills are then used creatively to produce their own games, android apps, robots, videos and stop-frame animations.

We encourage boys to develop problem-solving and team working by entering all year groups into competitions such as the BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge and the Astro Pi Mission Zero where their python code is sent to the International Space Station. We also organise a First Lego League Jr Expo on behalf of the IET, with all Year 5 taking part along with visiting schools. Continuing the theme, our Year 6 design a 'competition mat' annually for the Caldicott Lego League where year groups compete against each other using Lego EV3 robots. This is excellent preparation for keen Year 6, 7, and 8 boys to enter the First Lego League UK Robotics competition, where we have recently had success as heat winners and UK Finalists.

General IT skills are taught at all times and are showcased in annual anti-bullying poster competitions and in whole school activities such as Safer Internet Day pledges and creative e-safety awareness campaigns such as a jigsaw poster where each boy produces pieces that combine to make a corridor length display.


Outside visits 

We aim for a variety of outside experiences including trips to the Sky Academy Studios where boys make their own news reports, the Big Bang Fair where technology and STEAM organisations offer inspiration, the BETT technology fair, and visits to companies such as IBM’s Research Lab. 



Safety is a key concern and educating the boys on how to behave with respect for others, knowing when to seek advice, what constitutes cyber-bullying and to report this and other undesirable online threats is a major theme throughout all the year groups. This is supported by visits from external speakers and interaction with experts such as PEGI, CEOP, and others.



We currently have full suites of desktop computers in dedicated IT rooms, the DT room and Music rooms as well as class sets of Chromebooks and iPADS in both the Junior and Senior schools, along with Kindles and other devices than can be moved between all subject classrooms. Devices used in Computing lessons include Sphero, class sets of Lego Wedo and EV3 robots, Microbits and Raspberry Pi. Some of these are available to borrow in the school holidays as a lending library. Older boys will also be able to use 3D printers and have their work produced using a laser Cutter.


Mike Bennett - Head of Computing






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