All boys at Caldicott start to learn Latin once they join Year 6 and Latin is offered at Scholarship and Common Entrance level. The study of Classics is both linguistic and literary and there are a minimum of three lessons per week, reflecting the importance we attach to this subject. The boys also study Greek mythology and we seek to give them an understanding of how the Romans lived and to give a sense of the historical context.  

Classics is an interesting subject itself but we also find it be to beneficial to other subjects too, for example, English, where it can be seen that the language has borrowed a vast quantity of Latin and Greek word-stems, and much is learned about the meaning, morphology and spelling of words.

Boys are encouraged to hone their vocabulary skills on memrise and on iPad apps such as pipiatum. We use a variety of other strategies to encourage a thorough, but enjoyable, approach to the consolidation of vocabulary. Those who consistently score top marks in regular tests receive bronze, silver and (by the end of the year) gold awards. Singing and rapping are parts of our daily routine.

All boys in Year 7 are introduced to Greek in a weekly lesson.  As well as mastering the alphabet and learning some grammar, they learn about the history and legacy of the Greeks and conduct their own research into Greek scientists, mathematicians, generals and dramatists. Informal performances of scenes from Greek comedies introduce the boys to some of the issues which dominated the lives of fifth century Athenians. Boys can opt to continue with Greek in Year 8 as an additional subject for Common Entrance or Scholarship.


Hilary Murphy - Head of Classics