The Caldicott Way

We place each individual boy at the centre of our day and boarding experience and believe happiness is key to fulfilling potential. We also strive to keep Caldicott at the forefront of best practice in order to be a leading light in education.

Our founder, Mr J. Heald Jenkins, believed decency, tolerance and humanity would enable each boy to ‘shine their light on the world’. Today, his vision remains relevant and a source of inspiration.

Each boy’s character and personality is developed by fostering an ability to communicate and work well with others. They are equipped with a flair for solving problems and are encouraged to think outside the box. All boys leave Caldicott with the ability and desire to be global citizens, leading lives of significance.

Our values are perseverance, integrity, courage, compassion and humour. These words are both an inspiration and an anchor, ensuring that all we do is in the best interest of the boys.


Our Aims:

  • Nurture happy, resilient boys who thrive and confidently face a challenge.
  • Provide a strong sense of community with Chapel playing a central role in the moral and spiritual life of the school.
  • Be renowned for an inclusive and holistic approach to boys’ only education, with participation at every level.
  • Deliver an innovative, broad and academic curriculum with technology tailored to enhance learning.
  • Employees show the values of our school in their work and relationships.
  • Make best use of our extensive grounds and provide outstanding facilities for academics, boarding, sport and the arts.
  • Use our resources wisely in support of our educational aims, development and charitable status.