First and foremost, Activities at Caldicott are fun. There does not have to be a relationship to the academic curriculum, allowing the boys to learn new hobbies and skills; these are passed on through the teachers' enthusiasm, and can often progress through secondary School life, and afterwards into adulthood. The 1st and 2nd Form Activities Program runs within the boys’ normal school day. The 3rd and 4th Form can choose to stay after school on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Boarders can choose from a range of activities on offer each evening.

1st & 2nd Form

These activities take place on Tuesday afternoons. Boys are organised into mixed groups within their own year group, and each week groups rotate so that boys can try a new Activity. Staff will offer a variety of Activities including: construction, arts and crafts, board games, card games and a variety of outdoor learning opportunities. This is a valuable session, providing an ideal chance for the boys to mix with children across the year group and to develop a range of teamwork and social skills.

3rd & 4th Form

Middle School Activities take place after the normal school day on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 16:45 – 18:00.

The Headteacher is keen to put a strong emphasis on offering a wide range of Activities and encouraging the boys to try new things; the hope being that this will provide them with a well-rounded education outside of the classroom. For this reason, all the boys are encouraged to achieve their Challenge Caldicott Award through their participation in a variety of Activities. The Activities Programme is split into 3 categories: Sporting, Non-Sporting and Life Skills. To achieve their Challenge Caldicott Award, the boys must complete one full term in each of these categories.

It is expected that all 3rd Form boys attend only one after school Activity per week. All 4th form boys attend at least one and up to three after school Activities per week. There are a mixture of Sporting, Non-Sporting and Life Skill Activities on offer each day, allowing your son to try something new, regardless of which day he chooses.

The Sporting and Non-Sporting activities are fairly self-explanatory. The Life Skills activity is centred around giving your son an understanding of how to complete tasks which we, as adults, use every day, but do not necessarily get taught in the classroom. These skills range from how to lay a table or clean our shoes effectively, to looking at how to create our own vegetable patch or basic first aid. This Programme develops year on year, increasing the boys’ “real life skills” before moving on to their next school.

As many of the Activities are new to the boys, for the first 3 and a half weeks of term (up until the 1st exeat) they have the opportunity to try ALL of the Activities in mini sessions on their chosen Activity day. After this your son makes his final choice(s) of Activity for the term.

Below is a sample of Activities that are available and which category they fall in. 

  • Rock Climbing & Mountain Biking (Sporting)
  • Hockey (Sporting)
  • Squash (Sporting)
  • FUNctional Fitness (Sporting)
  • LAMDA Drama (Non-Sporting)
  • M-Tech (Non-Sporting)
  • Life Skills (Life Skills)
  • Vaulting & Gymnastics (Sporting)
  • Chess (Non-Sporting)
  • Art (Non-Sporting)
  • Basketball (Sporting)
  • Football (Sporting)
  • Cross-Country Running (Sporting)
  • Choir (Non-Sporting)
  • Photography (Non-Sporting)

5th & 6th Form (Boarders)

Boarders’ Activities take place after supper every night, from 18:45 – 20:00. Every full time member of teaching staff offers a different Activity, of their own choice, dependent upon their individual passions; this provides a huge range of Activities. It is expected that all boarders attend at least two Activities per week. The Activities on offer include and expand on all the Activities in the Middle School Programme, allowing the opportunity for continued development within the boys’ chosen Activities. There will also be many new Activities for the boys to try, due to individual staff interests and what they choose to offer.

Life Skills

Indoor Hockey