Christmas Projects: Epic Poems, Ghillie Suits and Raps

22 January 2021


There’s nothing better to see than when Caldicott boys personify our values by going above and beyond. Many boys were so engaged by their history Christmas projects that they continued them in their own time and have produced some incredible videos demonstrating a range of skills. Lots of boys produced amazing work, but this week we will be highlighting only one from each of the most senior three forms.

In the 4th Form (Y6), AF created an incredible ‘epic poem’ to describe the events of 1066 and William the Conqueror’s rise to power. In its own right this poem was a great piece of work, showing Anton had understood the historic events thoroughly, had the creativity to make it engaging and was keen to consolidate his learning. However, the animation he made, with some help from his sister, has blown everyone away. Not only has Anton earnt himself the praise of his peers, teachers and Headmaster, but he was also awarded ‘Superstar’. To watch this witty, engaging and informative video, follow the link on the newsletter.

5th Form (Y7) boy, RK, has similarly made Caldicott proud. He was tasked with fashioning a sniper suit in order to experience what is required to hide from an enemy in warfare. Rather than making his sniper suit and describing or imagining how effective it was, he created a charming video demonstration proving it. A brilliantly made video, it too can be viewed by parents in our newsletter, alongside the other boys’ projects.

Last but by no means least, we have FT in 6th Form (Y8) who took the task of creating a rap about the War of Independence to another level! We have already shared his performance of it in during his Year Meeting on social media, but felt it apt to share his original creation now. Deservedly winning ‘Star of the Week’ and commendations all round, this undeniably catchy performance has shown his proactive spirit and inventive nature; it can be watched by following this link, or the link in our newsletter.

All three pupils have embodied values of a Caldicott boy tremendously with their eagerness for learning, creativity, and confidence to express themselves as well as inspire their peers. Next week, we will highlight more of our boys’ fantastic creations and turn the spotlight on them.



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