Weekly Round-Up of VC | 22 January

22 January 2021


Another week of VC, another week of teaching, inspiring, connecting.

We’ve had news from DT; brothers, AR (1st Form) and JR (2nd Form), were so engaged in Mr Cooper’s lesson on structure, that they continued the work outside of class. They were tasked with building the tallest tower they could, using just one sheet of A4 paper; they then were asked to do the same with Lego. As AR said to Mr Cooper, ‘I enjoyed the lesson so much I carried on building my Lego tower after school with J and we made an even bigger tower’. Below you can find a picture of their towers, standing at 46.5cm and 88.3cm.

In the science department, Ma’am Naidoo has been engaging the boys with experiments they can do at home. By using household items as elements in these experiments, the boys can be involved and still getting that valuable hands-on learning experience. This week they were learning about heat transfer; Ma’am Naidoo used ice cream in a bag to teach them!

Mr Harper has presented the school with a challenge- ‘posh up’ your normal, boring lunches. We may not be able to experience fine dining or go to our favourite restaurants, but we can certainly try to imagine how our normal 'boring' lunches may be served up. The rules are: no fancy food, no wasting food and when you’re done take a photo before you start eating and email Mr Harper at ERJH@caldicott.com.

Another challenge has been presented this week; Ma’am Duncan has encouraged the boys to take part in a competition to build their own model of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Models can be made using whatever materials can be found at home - paper, cardboard, Lego...etc. An example of the 4th Form's work can be found below. Boys can also take a virtual tour of the theatre to help with their designs. Photographs or a video of your model should be sent to Ma'am Duncan by Friday 12th February and winners will be announced after half term.

In your weekly Chess update, Grandmaster Q is onto 45 games played simultaneously…we have a feeling his performance is due to slip soon, so now’s your chance! If you are already engaged in a game, remember to take your turn each day, in time for Mr Q to take his in the evening.

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