Headmaster's Blog | Friday 08 January 2021

08 January 2021


At the beginning of a term such as this, the words ‘Happy New Year’ do not quite resonate as well as they would do normally. Furthermore, as I planned my first assembly for the older boys on Thursday, I had that overwhelming feeling of wanting to include every conceivable bit of good advice, just as we do as parents when our children get to a new stage of their lives.

I thought to myself that I should set the tone so I began with my memory of the boarders’ Christmas party before the end of term – my word it was fun. The carols around the tree, the Christmas feast, the fireworks thanks to the wonderful Friends of Caldicott and the outstanding ‘Caldicott’s Got Talent’. Several of my colleagues in both the teaching and support staff described it as the best one ever. Aside from this event and not included in the assembly, the next day we had a few socially distanced drinks at an end of term staff meeting to say goodbye to Mr. Timms and the very next day the world turned upside down with the demands placed on schools in preparation for January. It was therefore a fairly tough few weeks, then it all changed again with 24 hours to go! All that, of course, is of minor consideration compared to the incredible job many Caldicott parents are doing as part of the national effort and on behalf of the school, we thank you. Many parents also gave Christmas gifts, too, and we are all very grateful for this kind generosity, Thank you.

The key message from the assembly were strategies to ensure we will make a success of this unusual term and I will use this blog to restate some important points that I encourage you to discuss with your sons. Firstly, our narrative around the decisions about what to include in VC2 was our desire to ‘maintain routine’ and ‘keep connected’.

Secondly I encouraged the boys to view their swirling emotions in two ways: The things that were not their fault and things that were their fault. The first group included their upset, their anger, their mental health struggles, their pain and their disappointment. The second group  included their future, their happiness, their healing and their growth. Finally, the five things to do that we talk about, but they rarely get into the handbooks and letters: Get enough sleep; eat healthily; drink plenty of water; exercise daily and limit use of social media.

To finish I would like to congratulate Ma’am Bisschop who as you know assumes the role Deputy Head (Pastoral) and a warm welcome to Liam Kelly and Zoe McLaren who both join us as our new gap students

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