Much Ado About a Very Special Production

30 November 2020


When the lockdown started on Thursday 5 November, we launched into film mode for our senior production of William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing". This would hopefully mean that if any cast or crew members had to self-isolate, we would still have something to showcase for all the hard work put in. 

Filming around already packed timetables and evening activities slots was not easy, but the cast showed such amazing comradery and spirit throughout. It really was so important that they could still experience the joy of being part of a production and showcase their talents. 

We have always prided ourselves on providing opportunities to boys who are interested in the backstage workings of theatre. This year we had three boys step up to the plate and become cameramen, a tricky job and one that they did brilliantly, 

On Friday 27 November, we were thrilled to be able to hold a special screening of the production. The cast and crew were treated to a pre-show party before making a VIP entrance into the hall, where our boarders were waiting for the show to begin, and our audiences at home tuned into the live stream. The atmosphere was electric throughout the screening - laughter, clapping and arm waving in abundance. 

During interval, the boys were treated to a tub of ice cream, as befits any good trip to the theatre. The emails and tweets coming in from our online audience were shared with cast and crew, giving them the positive feedback that they deserved.

The screening was also a fundraiser for Acting for Others, enabling our boys to support those who have inspired and entertained them over the years, and whose livelihoods have been shattered this year. The screening raised £987.50. 


Below are just a few of the positive messages received from our lovely audience:            

"All the details, from direction, costume, hair, and makeup, to the set, editing and music made it an extra special treat. As ever the Caldicott boys put heart and soul into their acting performances and the results were fabulous."

"The script was adapted perfectly for a prep school audience and great friendships and many wonderful memories (in the name of Shakespeare) have been made in the process."

"Brilliantly well done -that was amazing, thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I'm in awe of you pulling that off in a time of covid."


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