Nick Compton: Desire, Determination and Drive

26 November 2020


In a recent General Studies lesson, the 5th and 6th Formers were fortunate enough to have a Zoom talk from Nick Compton, the world-renowned, Ex-England cricketer who has enormous experience at the top level. Having played 194 first-class matches and, despite growing up in South Africa, played 16 test matches for England (with a best score of 117), it’s fair to say Nick has a better insight than most into what it takes to achieve greatness and the trials and tribulations that come as a by-product.

Nick started by telling the boys that you can have talent, you can have ability, but the biggest necessity, above all else, is desire. It was what helped Nick – he simply wanted it more. Going through his career, there were some overarching themes that were very relevant to the boys, whether they had interest in cricket or not.

Focus on what you love and what you are good at. Self-evaluation and being honest with yourself can be the hardest thing to do, but also incredibly rewarding. Nick explained how this mantra was crucial to him improving and not losing sight of what was important – the present. ‘You can stress and worry about the future, but you need to think to yourself: what can I do right now to help me achieve that goal?’ This lesson was of particular interest to the boys who have exams ahead of them; ‘if you work hard today and tomorrow morning, then the exam will take care of itself’.

Fear of failure was another key element and Nick told the boys that while it is natural to try and resist these feelings, they are completely natural. What matters is making peace with this; ‘journaling’ your thoughts was a method suggested by Nick for doing this.

This inspirational, enriching talk was rounded off with the boys posing various questions, from topics related to fear to more specific questions about his cricketing career. Mr Hutchings was even bold enough to ask who Nick had supported between South Africa and England in the Rugby World Cup Final last year. Although his answer is only for the Senior boys to know...


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