All boys at Caldicott study Geography to Common Entrance level or as a part of their Scholarship syllabus.


Why study Geography?

Geography is about developing an understanding of our World, primarily through experience, investigation, and learning from secondary sources.

The purpose of gaining this understanding is to enable pupils to take responsibility for their role in society, and to develop understanding the various factors that affect our environment. This understanding can then be employed for the benefit of themselves and also for fellow human beings, animals, and plants in our world.

Geography is associated primarily with the study of places; how these places are shaped by the people who live in them and the physical processes acting on them.

Therefore at Caldicott Geography is viewed as an integral and essential component of the whole curriculum.


What are our aims in teaching Geography?

We intend that boys should know where they are in the world and where they are at Caldicott in relation to Britain and to the surrounding settlements, including London and around the globe.

We intend that they should know about the physical geography around them, especially the weather and climate, while knowledge of topical issues such as flooding, traffic problems and the environment will help them to understand these issues in the news, and make sense what is happening in the world they live in.

The Department aims to encourage all boys to:


  • Develop geographical knowledge and understanding of patterns and processes

  • Begin to make geographical enquiry and use appropriate skills

  • Develop an understanding of places and the environment around them


Matt Holyland - Head of Geography



The Syllabus

Year Group  
Year 8 (6th Form) Economic Activities and Environmental Issues, including a River Study Fieldwork Enquiry and visit to Cadbury World.
Year 7 (5th Form) Rivers and Coasts; Weather and Climate; Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Year 6 (4th Form) Location knowledge; OS Mapwork, Natural Disasters
Year 5 (3rd Form) Map Skills; The UK; European countries
Year 4 (2nd Form) Egypt; Map/Atlas work; Environment - the Amazon Rainforest
Year 3 (1st Form) Map Skills; India; Food from around the World



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