Meet the Boarding Team


Tom Hollyer – Head of Boarding

Mr Hollyer has previously been a boarding housemaster for five years at the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. He was a key player in boarding achieving a rating of ‘Outstanding’ in their 2017 Ofsted inspection. More recently, he introduced a Mindfulness programme and he is an advocate of a coaching approach to pastoral care. Caldicott boys will benefit from the empathy Tom can show, as he himself was a boarder at Dulwich Prep, London, and then Tonbridge School. Tom has passed the Boarding Schools’ Association Advanced Certificate Course and Mindfulness in Schools Teacher Course. He is a keen sportsman, having played rugby and cricket to a high level at both school and university. In 2013, his U13 Rugby 7s team won the Rosslyn Park National 7s tournament and he has led sports tours in rugby to South Africa and in cricket to Barbados. Tom is married to Kate who has a career in law and a one-year-old daughter. Tom is a member of the Senior Leadership Team, the Geography Department and Games Department.


Sarah Bisschop – Head of Boarding

Miss Bisschop has a wealth of experience that has developed over a number of years’ service at Caldicott. As a former Head of 3rd Form and member of the Pastoral Committee, she has long been regarded as one of the finest pastoral practitioners. Sarah believes boys’ well-being is vital to achieving a happy boarding community and she is currently studying for a Diploma in ‘Emotionally Intelligent Leadership’. In her interview presentation, to explain her philosophy, Sarah quoted His Holiness the Dalai Lama: ‘The educational systems of the future should place greater emphasis on strengthening human abilities, such as warm-heartedness, a sense of oneness, humanity and love’. She is delighted to be a houseparent and is looking forward to getting stuck into this new role. Sarah is a member of the Senior Leadership Team and is Head of Geography.


Simon Cooper - Assistant Houseparent

Mr Cooper looks after a corridor of 4th and 5th Formers and is also Head of Design Technology. He can often be seen with his Labrador Tod. Mr Cooper is a keen game fisherman who runs the school fly fishing club. He has been part of the boarding team since 2001.


Matt Irvine - Assistant Houseparent

Mr Irvine looks after the 6th Form boarders who live on the landing above the Lower School Corridor. He teaches Games and PE across all the ages. Mr Irvine is a keen sportsman who loves football, and is an avid Tranmere Rovers fan – supporting home and away when he gets a free Saturday.


Diana Abernethy - Senior Matron (Health Centre)                   

Mrs Abernethy is the Senior Matron in the Health Centre who, together with Jeanie, her little cross-Corgi/Jack Russell, looks after the 6th Form boarders on her corridor. In her spare time, she will be found engrossed in craft work or mending the boys’ teddies. Her experience of being a grandmother and having a great sense of humour has been an advantage in caring for the boys. During the holidays she spends her time in Kent entertaining her grandchildren.


Gail Quinn - Senior Matron (Boarding)

Mrs Quinn is the senior matron on the boarding side who also looks after the 5th Form boarders on her corridor, as well as having responsibilities for the overseas boarders. She is an expert at making hot chocolate with marshmallows and can often be found watching a film with the boarders in the evening. In the holidays she looks after her family in the Lake District.


Kathy White - Matron

Mrs White plays an important part in the matronal team looking after the boarders on one of the 5th Form corridors, as well as overseeing the laundry. She is a mother of three, has a constant smile and, like everyone else upstairs, has a caring nature.


Tahra Mahmood - Matron

Mrs Mahmood makes up the rest of the boarding team. She lives locally and when not looking after her own children is on call tending to the needs of the boarders.


Sam Broughton - Welfare Officer

Mrs Broughton has 18 years’ NHS experience. The last seven years have been spent in schools as a safeguarding lead. She lives in the village with her son and daughter. As well as spending time with her family and enjoys playing netball.


Emma Cissell - School Nurse

Mrs Cissell is a qualified nurse who cares for the medical needs of the boys. She lives in the village with her husband and two young daughters. She is a keen sportswoman, particularly fond of rounders and netball.